Effectively Managing a Temporary Workforce

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Even when a business is provided with quality candidates to fill their temporary staffing roles, the work does not stop there. The ball is now in the court of company management to make sure that their team, whether temporary or permanent, performs at its best.

Our central piece of advice for effectively managing a temporary workforce is to simply treat your temporary employees like you would for your permanent employees. Being positive with temporary staff, motivating them to make sure they’re excited to come in, and following up with them to make sure they’re happy and in the right place is important. Another key is providing the proper tools and training to get the job done right. Temporary hires are often jumping into a job that needs to be completed in a finite amount of time, so appropriate instruction and materials are imperative for getting to “a job well done.”

From our end, we do frequent quality checks with our candidates to make sure all is well. Having our staffing firm as a third party is valuable because we’re continuously striving to find the most effective people for the right opportunities. We stay in touch with both the candidates and the management to accomplish this. It’s our passion to stay one step ahead of everyone and make sure our candidates are enjoying their job. And if there are issues, we can be the go-between for the management and the worker. We often proactively reach out to the management department or team, letting them know of any issues that have been addressed by our candidates. We also make it a priority to pass on compliments to management that we receive from candidates. That is important too! We strive to give open feedback to the businesses we work with, both good and bad, so they can make informed decisions about their operations.

Conversely, we want to highlight our experiences when a temporary workforce is managed ineffectively so you can learn from wisdom passed along and not a practical consequence. When management is not on the ball with managing their team, employees can often display their frustration through tardiness and lack of motivation. It is important for a manager to lead by example. If the manager is the first one in the door, they should be the last one out the door each day. If an employee needs help with something, be sure to dedicate real time to be there with the person and help them out.

If management notices that permanent staff refuses to treat temporary workers as a part of the team because they feel they are at a higher standard than someone who will only be there a short time, management needs to address the issue as promptly and professionally as possible. They also have the option of coming to us for help and explaining the problem to us so we can address it with our candidates.

At TempExperts, we are technically the employer for the candidate/temporary employee. We like to be proactive and offer guidance for our candidates, so they can do the best possible job for you. When an issue arises, we can be the ones to go to the employee or the employer to resolve things and help relieve some of the awkwardness or pressure that each party may be feeling. Whether it’s the management of the company, the FTE, or the temp employee, we want to make sure that everything’s being addressed correctly and want our candidates to feel comfortable in their next career opportunity, not just a temp position.

As a staffing firm we strive to evaluate the right candidates for each of our clients to create a great working relationship with our temps or temp-to-perm employees going into a job. This happens through trust. When management trusts our company to find the right people for them, it allows our relationship with that client to strengthen. Having a strong relationship with the staffing firm is vital to finding the best people for a job.

The stronger our relationship is with a client, the better. The more we are learning about each other, the more we understand the position, the opportunities, the organization, which allows us to find the right people for them. Whether it’s finding a light industrial worker, a paralegal or anybody within the IT field, we want to make sure that our relationship is so strong that our clients trust us to get the job done right. When a client picks up the phone, calls us and says, “Hey, you know what I need” and trusts that we will find the right person for them, we know we have succeeded in doing our job right.

If you are interested in building a relationship with our staffing firm and learning more about how we can find the right people for your company, contact us today. We look forward to showing you how we demonstrate daily our core values of personal respect, integrity, trustworthiness, and community stewardship with each of our clients.

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Let us help you find the right talent or career opportunity with ease.