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TempExperts is here to help you score your next job. Our expert team has decades of experience matching job seekers with the perfect employment opportunities across a range of industries. From finance and accounting to professional, light industrial, and government positions, we have the resources and expertise to help you succeed.


Nothing’s Permanent

Full-time work isn’t for everyone. Whether you want to add flexibility to your schedule or explore a new field, temporary opportunities give you control over your career. Choose from short- or long-term assignments that suit your lifestyle and career goals.


Work When and Where You Want
Take control over your schedule and add flexibility to your workday. With temporary placements, you’ll be able to work when and where you want – for as long as you want.
Get Hired – Fast
Need to get to work and get paid? Temporary placements let you get to work fast with an employer that treats you right.
Improve Work/Life Balance
The flexibility of temporary assignments lets you work a schedule that suits your lifestyle, balancing your career and your life outside of work.


Unlock the Possibilities With Temp-to-Perm

Not ready to commit to a full-time job? Interested in “test driving” an employer before signing on the dotted line? Temp-to-perm is the solution for you. TempExperts has temp-to-perm opportunities available now.


Test Out an Employer
Evaluate an employer while you work for them. Consider hours, pay, benefits, and the team before deciding whether or not you’d like to join the company full-time.
Find a Culture Fit
Temp-to-perm assignments let you find a team you love working with before deciding on becoming a permanent team member.
Find a Permanent Work Home
Get your foot in the door with a great company and discover your next full-time opportunity.


Nothing’s Permanent
– Until It Is

The job search can be frustrating, time-consuming, and downright exhausting. When you’re ready to find a new full-time opportunity, do it with the help of a trusted partner: TempExperts. Our professional employment services – based in Clearwater and serving all of Southeast Florida – make your job search simple and effective.


Streamline Your Job Search
Spend less time submitting resumes and more time getting to work. We’ll support you through application and screening to offer letter and onboarding.
Access Better Opportunities
Find exclusive job opportunities that aren’t listed on the major job boards. Secure higher pay, better benefits, and more advancement opportunities.
Grow Your Career
Get matched with opportunities that fit your unique skill set, job requirements, and personal goals to take your career to the next level.

Let us help you find the right career opportunity.