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“How much will it cost my company?” “How long does the process take?” “Why do companies hire through staffing agencies?”

If you have questions about working with TempExperts, we’re ready to answer them. See below for answers to FAQs. If you don’t see your question here, get in touch with your recruiter.

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If you have questions about staffing services and talent solutions, that’s okay. We’re here to help. Find answers to your most common inquiries here.

I’ve never used a talent solutions provider.
How does it work?

Our talent solutions specialists take time to get to know your unique staffing needs. Whether you need one person or an entire team – remote or on-site – we can connect you with highly skilled professionals with a wide array of experience. Simply tell us your hiring needs by filling out a hiring request form.

Looking for more info? Check out our Staffing 101: A Client Guide.

What are some more specific examples of roles you can help our company fill?

TempExperts specializes in the areas of finance and accounting, and helps with the placement of office professionals, legal, and light industrial professionals. Please visit our specialty pages for more information in each of these areas.

Do you staff remote jobs?

The simple answer is yes.  There is high demand for workers who prefer remote and off-site work is growing.  Our Account Managers can pair your company with professionals who can work remotely from any part of the country and can start quickly.

Ask us how we can help you determine the best setup so remote talent can work securely from home, regardless of your needs or capabilities.

How do I know what remote talent solution is best for me?

We would first guide you directly to our Resource Center, The X’s and O’s of Staffing to offer advice on factors you should be considering for hiring remote talent.  Once you have read through our primer/ infographic, partnering with a TempExperts’ Account Manager would be the next logical step.

How quickly can you staff my open position? How fast do temp agencies hire?

We’re committed to staffing your remote or on-site job immediately — and we can do so because we have a vast network of highly skilled, experienced professionals, many who are ready to start working today. We’ll help you find contract, project and permanent skilled talent who meet your needs, enjoy what they do and can hit the ground running.

I need to staff multiple open positions. Can you help?

Absolutely. Depending on your business needs and peak workloads, we can provide you one candidate or a team of highly skilled professionals. Our talent can work remotely or on-site for a day, a week or as long as you need. Tell us your hiring needs and we’ll do the rest.

What happens if I am unsatisfied with a candidate?

TempExperts offers a service guarantee. Contact your talent solutions specialist for more details.

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