HR Success: Benefits of Using a Staffing Firm

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Staffing firms and HR departments can form a highly productive partnership to streamline the hiring process. This article focuses on understanding the key elements of a successful relationship from an HR team’s perspective. It explores the conditions under which a meaningful partnership can begin and delves into the ways staffing firms can assist with hiring and onboarding. Additionally, the article offers specific guidance on leveraging temporary staffing to meet company goals effectively.

HR departments are responsible for a wide range of tasks beyond recruiting, including compliance, administration, benefits coordination, and employee training. Balancing these responsibilities with the time-consuming recruitment process can be challenging. Staffing firms can alleviate this burden by handling candidate matching, initial screening, and communication, enabling HR professionals to focus on other essential HR objectives.

Collaborating with a staffing firm to creates the opportunity transform a company’s temporary staffing initiatives, if done with a concrete strategy in mind. Staffing firms specialize in recruiting and identifying the best candidates from a diverse pool, across various industries. Unlike relying solely on job postings, staffing firms maintain a strong network of qualified candidates, ensuring access to top talent.

Ensure Continuity in the Hiring Process.  One of the common frustrations in the recruitment process is when candidates suddenly become unresponsive. Job seekers can become unreliable when they have an abundance of opportunities available to them. Candidates might get a better job offer or decide they are no longer interested in the position. They may decide to “ghost” the company to avoid an uneasy conversation. Staffing firms play a crucial role in addressing this issue by effectively managing communication with candidates and ensuring reliability as an intermediary.  By entrusting staffing firms with the initial stages of candidate engagement, HR departments can dedicate their time to tasks that require their expertise, thus advancing the fulfillment of other HR objectives.

Provide Onboarding Support. After a candidate is hired, they have to be on-boarded at some level.  Effective onboarding involves setting expectations, providing constructive feedback, and addressing potential issues in the early stages of employment. However, engaging in difficult conversations can strain the relationship between a new employee and their team. Staffing firms act as intermediaries during these potentially uncomfortable conversations, such as addressing excessive phone usage or improving performance after training. By offering their expertise in managing these delicate situations, staffing firms help create a smoother onboarding experience.

Although challenges may arise in temporary staffing, such as candidates with a history of job instability or sudden departures, staffing firms mitigate these issues through pre-knowledge of candidate tendencies, relationship-building and effective communication. Transparent processes and maintaining candidates’ trust enable staffing firms to cultivate fruitful partnerships. When candidates feel valued and respected, they are more likely to perform at their best, even in temporary positions.

The staffing firm isn’t the only one with obligations towards creating a strong partnership. Client companies have a responsibility to integrate temporary employees into their teams and foster a sense of belonging. When temporary employees feel like valued members of the organization, they contribute to the team’s success, regardless of their limited tenure. Staffing firms facilitate this positive experience by promoting open communication, emphasizing company culture, and encouraging a supportive environment.

Companies may decide to partner with a staffing firm for various reasons, including managing application volume, immediate job placements, or rapid onboarding. Staffing firms excel at precision-matching candidates through skill testing, reference checks, and thorough communication. Engaging a reliable staffing firm significantly enhances recruitment outcomes.  Do your research.  Reviews and ratings of staffing firms can be found on Google, Yelp, and TrustPilot.  Glassdoor provides insight into internal company culture.  And don’t just rely on a rating.  Read the comments to help determine “how” and “how well” the staffing firm works with both clients and candidates.

Establishing a strong partnership between an HR department and a staffing firm can streamline the hiring process and improve overall recruitment outcomes. By leveraging the expertise of staffing firms, HR professionals can focus on strategic HR functions, while staffing firms handle candidate engagement, communication, and onboarding support. Temporary staffing, when facilitated by staffing firms, offers unique opportunities to access qualified talent and meet short-term workforce needs. The key to a successful collaboration lies in effective communication, trust-building, and aligning goals for mutual success. By harnessing the benefits of staffing firm partnerships, companies can achieve efficient and successful hiring outcomes.

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