Interview Prep: Navigating Employment Offers

(4 Minute Read) In the realm of job interviews, encountering an offer of employment is flattering. Your worth to a prospective employer has been documented on paper! But navigating job offers is also daunting and stressful, especially when a lack of confidence exists for how to handle this unique moment of time in one’s career.   While […]

Interview Prep: Navigating Company Culture

businessman giving-contract to woman to sign

(3 Minute Read) Going for a job interview can be intimidating, especially when you’re stepping into a new company’s offices for the first time.  It’s essential to quickly understand the company’s unique “vibe”, so they see you as a good fit for their work environment. This is commonly referred to as being a good “fit” […]

Temporary or Permanent? Evaluating Employment Options

(4 Minute Read) When the job market tightens, career options can begin to narrow. Even for those individuals intent on a permanent career, there may be a season or so where circumstances work against you. When people become unemployed, the path back to permanent employment increasingly runs through a gauntlet of temporary or contract positions […]