As a leader, how you react to things affects how your team will react to them. Learn both the obvious and subtle ways your words and behaviors affect your staff and how you can improve the messages you send to them.

What Your Actions Tell Your Team

Certain facial expressions, movements, gestures and shifts in your body, along with the way you walk, talk, sit and stand show what’s going in inside your head. As you become more in tune with body language, you’ll be better equipped for conveying the messages you want to show, understanding how your employees are feeling, and finding ways of effectively communicating with them for stronger engagement and desired results.

Because you want to show confidence to your team and have them emulate you, stand tall and put your shoulders back. Smile as you establish strong eye contact when talking with them. Speak slowly and clearly with a moderate to low tone of voice. Purposefully gesture with your hands and arms to accentuate points. Your team will notice your actions and act with confidence as well.

How to Stay Calm in Hectic Situations

Stay flexible in handling issues as they arise. Despite having your days planned out, events will always occur that demand your attention and take time away from other activities. Take time to think through the best way of handling each issue before you take action on it.

Focus on your breathing when you feel stressed. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth several times. Repeat as long as you need to feel less stressed. You’ll be able to clear your thoughts and focus on what needs handling first so you can take care of the other issues later.

How to Help Your Team Through Stressful Times

Be sure you connect with your workers one-on-one and get to know them on a personal level. Find out what makes them happy, brings out their excitement and means the most to them. Bring up those topics when your employees become stressed. Briefly discussing a different topic will help your teammates relax so they can better focus on finishing their work.

When your workers get stressed, be sure you talk positively and lighten the mood. Speak words of affirmation, discuss relaxing topics or tell office-appropriate jokes. Do what you can to lower your employees’ stress levels. Ensure your workers join in with their own contributions and add to the fun.

Because your teammates will follow your example, make sure it’s a positive one. For further assistance with managing your workload, contact the trained financial compliance recruiters at CarterWill Search & Flex today!banner-about-us-780x300

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